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Why Naturopathy

Naturopathy for digetion


We can help you manage and overcome the debilitating symptoms of an inflamed digestive tract to ensure your daily activities are not dictated by your digestive system


Naturopathy for thyroid health

Thyroid Health

If you have a dysfunctional thyroid, you might experience a variety of different symptoms. Effective natural thyroid treatments will help you address and resolve issues surrounding weight, energy levels, and mood and appetite

Naturopathy for fatigue


At some point in life, everyone feels exhausted after a hard day at work, but genuine fatigue is more than just feeling wiped out. We can start you on a program to boost your energy levels and alleviate your fatigue


Naturopathy for women's health

Women's Health

Suffering from irregular, painful or heavy periods, endometriosis, fibroids, menopause or PCOS? Our personalised treatments focus on women's health, aiming to restore hormonal balance, prevent diseases, and naturally alleviate symptoms.

Naturopathy for mental health

Mental Health

We offer natural treatments that can be used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar and other mental health conditions. Natural therapies can help bring the patient’s nervous system and overall mood back to optimal status by enhancing the natural pathways

Naturopathy for immunity


The best way to protect yourself from colds and flu year-around is to focus on strengthening your immune system naturally. We will identify and address your unique health challenges with a holistic approach

Naturopathy for chronic pain

Chronic Pain

Lots of people have chronic pain from things like arthritis, cancer, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. But taking pain meds can have bad side effects. As a result, natural alternatives for pain relief are growing in popularity. We help people with chronic pain find natural ways to feel better

Naturopathy for children's health

Children's Health

Is your child prone to allergies, frequent colds, and ear infections? Our naturopathic approach helps children of all ages live their healthiest, happiest lives. We address their physical and emotional health needs, allowing them to thrive

Naturopathy for metabolic health

Metabolic Health

We offer a holistic approach to metabolic syndrome and weight issues, addressing factors like food intolerances, gut health, and toxins. We provide practical steps to naturally boost metabolism with specific strategies and simple dietary and lifestyle changes

Inna Kurlyandchik - Naturopath & Nutritionist at InnerCare Natural Health, Brisbane

Meet Inna 


BHSc (Nat), GCert (HumNutr), PhDc






Inna is a highly qualified practical naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist based in Brisbane. She is passionate about helping people achieve their health goals using natural and holistic approaches (aka whole body) through education, lifestyle and dietary advice and changes, and individualised evidence-based naturopathic and nutritional treatments aiming to resolve the root cause and empower people to take control over their health.

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